Access Bail Bonds Proudly Supports Our Troops Through Wounded Warrior Project. Purpose: To help support our injured service members. Our service members who keep our nation safe, keep you and your family safe are in need of special programs, special programs that our government does not help with. Wounded Warrior not only helps our troops, but their families as well. Our troops need to know that our country supports their efforts in keeping our country safe and that we appreciate everything that they do for us. Wounded Warrior Project serves our veterans and service members who have incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or wound. Many warriors note a sense of duty to volunteer for the military even knowing the risk of tragic events. Knowing the risk, they still put themselves out there to protect our country and our freedom. In addition to the physical wounds, its estimated that as many as 400,000 service soldiers live with the invisible wounds of war, including combat stress, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Accounted for Service Members as of June 2013:
Deaths: 6,717
Wounded: 50,897
Estimated TBI: 320,000
Estimated with PTSD: 400,000

With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warrior as they adjust to their new normal and to achieve new triumphs in their lives. The Wounded Warrior Program offers a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury, from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.

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