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Access Bail Bonds offer a 20% discount (conditions apply) and affordable payment plans. We offer signature bonds and
interest free financing. We will come to you at no additional charge.

We are licensed to serve all of California and we have bail agents in every city who can post the bond immediately once you
are approved.

Beaumont is a city located in the Riverside County with a population of more than 36,877, making Beaumont then next
newest fastest growing city. Beaumont’s neighbor cities include Banning to the east and Calimesa to the west. Beaumont is
one of Riverside County’s largest apple growers, and was dubbed “the land of the big red apple” by local residents in its
early years.

Beaumont, they are usually taken to Larry Smith Correctional Facility, in Banning, CA. There the defendant will be booked in
and a bail amount will be set.

HOW DOES BAIL WORK IN BEAUMONT: After the defendant is taken to Larry Smith Correctional Facility and is finished
the process of being booked. He or she is then able to make calls and arrange bail. The defendant can call one of his family
members collect from jail or the defendant can arrange bail himself. A licensed bail agent will then arrange to post a bail
bond and the defendant gets released from jail. This bail bond is called a surety bond, and it guarantees the court that the
defendant will make every appearance.

WHAT IF I LIVE OUT OF TOWN AND I WANT TO BAIL SOMEONE OUT OF JAIL?: Yes you can arrange bail, even if you
don’t live in the same town. This is done over the phone thru fax or e-mail. The bail premium is taken by credit card. Once
this is done and all the necessary paper work is done and faxed back to the licensed agent, the bond will get posted
immediately. The paper work usually takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.

WHAT ARE BANNING BAIL BOND RATES?: Access Bail Bonds offers a 20% discount to those who qualify. This is our
8% bail bond. We also offer signature bonds, and no collateral bonds. We offer affordable payment plans and interest free
financing. We will come to you if necessary.

WHAT TYPE OF PAYMENT IS USED TO PAY FOR BAIL BONDS: Access Bail Bonds accept various types of payments:

• All Major Credit Cards
• Debit Cards
• Personal Checks
• Company Checks
• All Forms of Money Orders
• Cash

All Payments can be taken over the phone, one the bail premium has been paid we can have the bond posted immediately.
During the process we can get the paperwork done while your loved one is in the release process.

Beaumont Police Department
Beaumont Police Department
660 Orange Ave, Beaumont CA, 92223

Beaumont Sheriff Department
Thermal Sheriff Station
86625 Airport Blvd. , Thermal, CA 92274

Beaumont Inmate Locater
16275 S. Hargrave Street, Banning, CA 9222016275 S. Hargrave Street, Banning, CA 92220

Banning Superior Court
Banning Superior Court
135 N. Allessandro road, Banning, CA 92220

Felony Bail Schedule

The mission of the Beaumont Police Department is the safety of all communities. The Beaumont Police Department is staffed
by 57 sworn officers and 20 non-sworn support personnel. The Beaumont Police are committed to safety and in doing so
maintain a ratio of 2 officers per every 1000 residents in Beaumont.

HISTORY OF BEAUMONT: In the 1850’s, many surveying parties were in search of a pass that would connect the east to
the Pacific Ocean. The San Gorgonio Pass was discovered in 1853 led by Lieutenant R.S. Williamson who was sent by the
United States Government. Railroad had laid tracks through the modern-day of Beaumont. Beaumont was originally called
the sleepy town of San Gorgonio and became incorporated in California in 1912. During the Cold War, Lockheed rocket test
site operated by Simi Valley and was established south of town in Potrero Canyon. Toxic chemicals have been found in the
soil and ground water at the site and is underway to begin the cleanup within the next few years.