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Access Bail Bonds is a 24 hour a day/ 7 day a wee Emergency Bail Bond Company. We understand that this can be a stress
full time and you do not know what to do. Call Access Bail Bonds and one of our licensed agents will answer all your
questions. We will walk you through the whole process and make sure you understand everything before you sign any
paper work. We will come to you at no additional charge.

ABOUT CANYON LAKE: Canyon Lake is a wealthy gated community in the Riverside County, California. The City of Canyon
Lake was incorporated in 1990. Canyon has a population of about 10,561 that was reported in 2010. The community of
Canyon Lake consists of 2,017 acres and 0.7 square miles of water. The lake has 14.9 miles of shoreline.

PUBLIC SAFETY: The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department serves Canyon Lake through the Perris Valley Station. The city
of Canyon Lake contracts for fire services with the Riverside County Fire Department and the Department of Forestry. Fire
station 60 is located within Canyon Lake’s gated portion, near the North Causeway. Behind the private gates of Canyon Lake
are patrolled by the Allied Barton Security (Community Patrol and Lake and Marine Patrol). The Security Company is always
assisted by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Perris Station. The Lake and Marine Patrol are responsible for the
enforcement of all the rules and regulations of boats and other uses of the lake.

HISTORY: The Community is named for Canyon Lake, was also known as the Railroad Canyon Reservoir. The reservoir was
created in 1928 with the construction of the Railroad Canyon Dam that covers 525 acres. When the Railroad Canyon
Reservoir was finished, it was one of the largest fresh water lakes for fishing, hunting and camping in California.

BAIL BONDS OF CANYON LAKE: Access Bail Bonds have licensed field agents in the area of Canyon Lake. We are able to
get to any jail in the area with 10 minutes. If a person gets arrested in Canyon Lake, they are taken to the South West
Detention Center in Murrieta. There they will be processed in and booked. You can be assured that Access Bail Bonds will
act immediately and provide you with the fastest release possible. We will answer any questions you may have and pre
arrange bail in a professional manner. No matter what time or what day it is, we will always answer the phone. We are a 24
hour / 7 day a week emergency bail bonds service.

HOW CANYON LAKE BAIL BOND PROCESS WORKS: Access Bail Bonds provide the local court officials with a surety
bond, with a promise that the defendant will appear to every court date. This obligation is made with the Access Bail Bonds
and the Court. The standard fee for a bail bond is 10%. Access Bail Bonds offer an 8% bail, conditions apply. For example,
if the bond was set at $5,000.00, we would post the bond for the full amount of $5,000.00 and your fee would be
$500.00. That’s providing the standard 10% rate and 8% would be $400.00. Please call Access Bail Bonds for details at 1-
951-789-4001. Ask about our 20% discount.

HOW CAN THE BAIL BOND PREMIUM BE PAID: We accept all major credit cards, checks, debit cards, money orders,
postal money orders and cash. To get the process started as soon as possible, we can take some information over the phone
along with your credit card information and get the bond posted immediately. This will speed up the process and then we
can work on the paperwork. The paperwork can be done in person, at the jail, by fax or e-mail.

AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLANS: Access Bail Bonds offers affordable payment plans that you can afford. We will set you
up on a monthly payment plan that you can afford. Everybody’s budget is different, so we set up the payment plan to your
specific needs. We offer interest fee financing on you payment plans. Just be sure to make your payment on time. There are
several way you can make your monthly payment:

• We Accept all Major Credit Cards
• Debit Cards
• Personal Checks
• Company Checks
• All Money Orders
• Cash

You can either bring in the payment or mail it in. If you like we can set up your monthly payment for automatic debit every
month. Many of our customers prefer this arrangement, that way the payment get paid on time and its one less thing they
have to worry about through this stress full time.

Canyon Lake Police Department
Canyon Police Department
137 South Perris Blvd., Perris, CA 92570

Canyon Lake Sheriff Department
Canyon lake Sheriff Department
137 South Perris Blvd., Perris, CA 92570

Canyon Lake Inmate Locater
Southwest Detention Center
30755 Auld Road, Murrieta, CA 92563

Southwest Justice Center Superior Court
Southwest Justice Center Superior Court
30755 Auld Road, Murrieta, CA 92563

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