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​If someone you know has been arrested in Barstow, call Access Bail Bonds and let a licensed help you with all your bail
bond questions.

Access Bail Bonds is a 24 Hour Emergency Bail Bond Service, any time, any jail, weekends and holidays. We provide Free
Bail Information and we will walk you through the whole process. We understand this is a stressful time and many
customers have never been in this situation. Call Access Bail Bonds and let us help you, a licensed agents will answer all
your questions.

When you call Access Bail Bonds all you need to do is give of the person’s name who is in custody and we will do the rest.
We will find out where they are in custody, bail charges, bail amount and next court date.

We are able to approve a bond within minutes right over the phone. Once the bond has been approved, we can have the
bond posted immediately and start the release process.

Access Bail Bonds can bail by Fax or E-mail, this is the quickest way to get the process started, it will take about 20
minutes. You can also come to one of our local offices or meet us right at the jail.

BARSTOW BAIL BOND BOOKING AND RELEASE INFORMATION: When a person is arrested in Barstow, they are taken
to the Barstow Sheriff’s Department. There they will be booked, finger prints, photo taken and they will be ran for warrants.
The warrant check will be for any out of county warrant and statewide warrants. Once this process is done, bail is set and
bail can be arranged. If you decide not to post bail, you will be transferred to the Adelanto Sheriff’s Department, this is a
county jail. There you will wait for your arraignment date.

• Approval by phone within minutes
• Bail by Fax or E-Mail
• 24 Hour Emergency Bail Service
• Fastest Possible Service Available
• Free Bail Information
• Interest Free Financing
• Affordable Payment Plans
• We offer a 20% Discount (conditions apply)
• We Will Come to You (at no additional charge)

BAIL BOND COSTS: The standard bail bond rate is 10%. Access Bail Bonds is one of the few bail bond companies that can
legally offer 8% bail, that’s a 20% Discount. Our Bonds are also good for 2 years, most bonds are only good for 1 year.
Which means the bail premium is due depending if the bond is good for 1 or 2 years. Bail Bond rates are regulated by the
State of California and the Department of Insurance.

Call Access Bail Bonds today to see if you qualify for the discount, Call Now 1-951-789-4001

Most of our clients prefer to pay their bail by major credit card or debit card right over the phone. Additionally, we offer
flexible and affordable payment plans. We service all jails in the San Bernardino area and all counties of California. We have
field agents in every city throughout California that can get the bond posted immediately, once the bond has been

BARSTOW PUBLIC SAFTEY: Barstow has its own police department, and a regional station of the San Bernardino County
sheriff’s Department which serves areas such as Newberry Springs, Trona, Baker and Ludlow.

ABOUT BARSTOW: Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County, California. Barstow is located 55 miles north of San
Bernardino. Barstow is a major transportation center for the Riverside – San Bernardino metropolitan area.

Barstow is home to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow and is the closest city to Fort Irwin Military Reservation. The United
States Military’s National Training Center (NTC) and NASA’S Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex are located at
the nearby Fort Irwin Military Reservation north of Barstow. The Goldstone Complex includes the Pioneer Deep Space
Station, which has been designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark.Station, which has been designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Calico ghost Town is one of the few remaining original mining towns of the western United States, now preserved as a
museum by Walter Knott, founder of Knott’s Berry Farm. Calico Ghost town host several events every year including, Huck
Finn’s Grass Roots Festival.

Barstow Sheriffs Department
Barstow Sheriff’s Department
225 East Mt. View, Barstow, CA 92511

Victorville Sheriff’s Station
Victorville Sheriff’s Station
14200 Amargosa Street, Victorville, CA 92392

Barstow Inmate Locater
Barstow Jail
225 East Mt. View, Barstow, CA 92511

Barstow Superior Court
Barstow Superior Court
235 Ease Mountain View Street, Barstow, CA 92311
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

When you find out that a loved one, family member or friend has been arrested, call Access Bail Bonds immediately so we
can start the release process.