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 Grand Terrace Police Department is located at 22795 Barton Road, Grand Terrace, CA, and is a city in the San Bernardino County. Grand Terrace is located between the city of Riverside and San Bernardino along the 215 freeway and between the 91 and the 10 freeway.

Defendants arrested Grand Terrace will be taken to the Central Sheriff’s Department. Once booked in a bail amount will be set. Here a bail bond can be posted for the release of your loved one.

Access Bail Bonds agents are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, weekends and holidays. All Access Bail Bonds agents are licensed and will answer all your questions. Once we have determined the bail bond process, we can have the bond posted immediately. Once the bond has been posted, it can take several hours for the release of the person in custody, that’s why its important to call Access Bail Bonds immediately once you have found out about the arrest.

Access Bail Bonds professionalism and honesty are one of the most valued aspects of our business. Finding out a loved one, family member or friend can be devastating, we understand that when you call Access Bail Bonds you are putting your trust in us. Access Bail Bonds is the number recommended bail bonds company in California. There are many benefits for choosing Access Bail Bonds:

Access Bail Bonds is one of the few companies that can legally offer a 20% Discount. This our 8% bail bonds, the standard rate for a bail bonds is 10%. For example, if the bond was set at $5,000.00, you would pay Access Bail Bonds $400.00 flat rate, that’s a 20% discount to you. With other companies, you would pay $500.00 the standard rate. Call Today for details.

Our payment plans are interest free and we adjust the payments according to your budget. We will never give you a payment you could not afford. There are several way to make your payment, over the phone with a credit card or debit card, mail it in, or come into our office. We can even set you up on a monthly automatic payment that will be deducted from any account you chose. This is our most popular payment plan, most of our customers prefer not to worry about the payment. We accept many ways to make the payment:

•    All Major Credit Cards
•    Debit Cards
•    Personal Checks
•    Company Checks
•    All Forms of Money Orders
•    Cash

Access Bail Bonds, bail bonds are good for two years. This means you only have to pay your bail premium once and it is good for two years. If you decide to fight your case, your court dates could easily go over a year most other bail bonds companies bonds are only good for one year. So with other companies, your bail premium is due every year.

Most customers do not know what a re-write is. Once you are bail out the district attorney has 45 days to file your case. Sometimes the court system is backed up and the district attorney does not have enough time to file your case. Our bond gets exonerated and sent back to us. If the district attorney at a later date decides to file your case after the have had time to review your case, you will need a new bond. Since we have already originally posted a bond for you, we will be able to do a re-write and repost the bond at no charge to you. As long as it’s the same charge and the same amount as your previous bail bond.

When someone gets arrested they will be taken to the Central Jail, located in the city of San Bernardino. They will get finger printed, photo taken and ran for out of county warrants as well as out of state warrants. Once this process is complete, a bonds amount will be set. Most of the county jails in San Bernardino County has a release process of 4 to 8 hours, this is dependent on when the jail can process the bail bonds. Once the bail agent post the bond it is out of our hands on how fast the jail will start the release process.

Please note that a bail bond company cannot post a bail bonds until the whole book in process is complete. During the book in process, we can arrange and complete the paper, have everything ready and singed so that when the book in process is done, we are ready to post the bond immediately. We will keep in touch with the jail and keep you informed during the whole release process. We want to make sure the defendant gets released in a timely manner. We have seen many times the defendant get released as early as one hour and can take up to 8 hours. Again this is dependent upon the jail.

Grand Terrace Police Department
Grand Terrace Police Department
22795 Barton Road, Grand Terrace, CA 92313

Grand Terrace Sheriff’s Department
Grand Terrace Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

Grand Terrace Inmate Locator
San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

San Bernardino Superior Court
San Bernardino Superior Court
351 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92415
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

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