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Finding out someone in your family has been arrested can be a stress full time, weather is a loved one family member or a friend. Access Bail Bonds is here to assist you in all your bail needs and answer all your questions you may have. Many of our customers have never had to use a bail bond company, so choosing the right bail company is very important. Making sure the bail bond company is trust worthy and will answer all your questions honestly. Access Bail Bonds will treat every case with honesty and integrity. We are efficient in getting the bond posted immediately, we know how the bail bond system works in Twenty Nine Palms. We have been helping family for several years throughout the San Bernardino County. Getting your loved one out of custody is our number one priority.

When calling Access Bail Bonds all you need to give us is the name of the person who has been arrested, date of birth and where they got arrested. If you don’t know where the person is in custody, don’t worry, we have the ability to find anyone in custody in California. We have agents throughout California and we service all jails and courts.

When a person is arrested in Twentynine Palms they will be taken to the Morongo County Jail, located in Joshua Tree. There they will be booked, finger printed, photo taken and run for statewide warrants. This is done through the NCIC program and will check for all state, county and city warrants. This is called the processing in of the arrestee and can take several hours. During the processing in, the bail agent will be working with you getting the paperwork done, so when the process is done, we can immediately post the bond.

Once the bond is posted, there is a processing out of the arrestee. This also can take several hours. We will keep in touch with the jail and the family during this time to make sure the arrestee get released in a timely manner. Again, this is dependent on how fast the jail processes the bail bond.


•    24 Hour Free Bail Information
•    We will Come to you for your convenience at no additional charge
•    Bail by Fax or E-Mail
•    Affordable Payment Plans , Interest Free
•    20% Discount
•    8% Bail Bonds
•    We will appear in court with you, no additional charge
•    We can help get your Warrants Recalled
•    No Annual Bail Premium Required (call and ask for details)
•    Completely Confidential

We offer bail by fax or e mail, this speeds up the process and you don’t have to leave your home or office. Once the bond has been approved, we will get the bond posted immediately. During the release process, we can work on getting the paperwork done. The paperwork will take about 20 minutes and we will explain what the paperwork means before you sign. We want to make sure you understand what you are signing and how the bail process works.

The typical rate for a bail bond is 10% by law, bail is regulated by the Department of Insurance. Access Bail Bonds offers a 20% legal discount, to see if you qualify for the discount please call us for further details, toll free 1-951-789-4001.

We offer Military discounts, Homeowner discounts, Union Member discounts, Senior Citizen discounts and if you retain a Private Attorney you qualify for a discount. We also offer affordable payment plans, financing free. We will set you up on a monthly payment plan that you can afford, we will never give you a payment that will not fit your budget. We understand that bail can sometimes be high, and we will work with you diligently to work out a plan to get your loved one out of custody.

We accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Personal Checks, Company Checks, all forms of Money Orders and Cash for the bail premium.

We handle all types of cases including DUI/ drunk driving, spousal abuse, drugs, possession of drugs, transportation of drugs, domestic violence, petty theft, shop lifting, sales, all felonies and misdemeanors . We will also go to court with you and your attorney to post a bond right in court. Sometime the attorney will request us to attend the court hearing in case a bond might needed to be posted, we provide this service at no additional charge.

Access Bail Bonds is an emergency bail bond service. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and all holidays. We are the number one recommended bail bond company in California, our goal is to get your loved one released from custody as fast as possible. We work with many attorneys who refer us bail, because of our honesty and integrity. We provide fast and professional service and will do whatever it takes you get the bond posted. We will make the bail process as easy as possible and we will come to you if necessary, we understand some people don’t have transportation, or they have small kids and can’t leave the house.

Collateral is not always necessary, many of our customers qualify for our signature bonds. Signature bonds, is just your signature guarantee that you will make sure the arrestee makes every court appearance that he or she is ordered to do so. If a payment plan has been arranged, you will also be responsible to make the payment if the defendant cannot. If the defendant fails to appear in court, it is your responsibility to bring them into our office immediately so that we can make arrangement to get the warrant recalled. With good cause, we will reinstate the bail bond, we understand that things can happen that are out of our control.

The only time collateral is required is when the bond is extremely high or a high risk bond. A high risk bond is if the defendant has priors that are strikes or have had many failure to appears in prior cases. There are many thing to consider, so please call our office so we can determine what type of bond you will require.

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