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Access Bail Bonds offer a 24 hour Emergency Bail Bond Service, along with a mobile service. When someone you know has been arrested, call Access Bail Bonds immediately, we can help. We will provide free bail information and answer all your questions. All our bail agents are licensed and will provide the best service to help you through this rough time. We understand that many customers have never been in this situation and don’t know what to do. We will answer all your questions and make sure you understand the whole bail process be for you sign any paperwork.

We offer bail via fax and e mail, which is one of the fastest ways to get the bail process started. You don’t need to leave your home or office and the paperwork only takes about 20 minutes. While you are filing out the paperwork, we will have the bond posted for the release of your loved one. The faster we get the bond posted, the sooner your loved one will get released from custody. If you like, you can always come into one of our local offices or we can meet you at the jail. Additionally we will come to you at no additional charge.

We accept various types of payments right over the phone:
•    All Major Credit Cards
•    Debit Cards
•    Cash
•    Personal Checks
•    Company Checks
•    All forms of Money Orders

Once we receive your payment for the bond, we can have the bond posted immediately, while we are doing the paperwork.

Most of our customers qualify for signature bonds, no collateral needed. The only time collateral is required is if the bond is a high risk bond, the bail amount is extremely high and you have prior strikes. We find that most of our customers do not need collateral.

When someone is arrested in San Bernardino they are taken to the San Bernardino County Jail, they will be booked, finger printed and photo taken. Once this process is done, a bail amount will be set and we can then proceed and post bail. Once the bond is posted, it can take several hours for the release process to be complete. This is completely out of our hands, one the bond is posted it is the jail’s responsibility to process the bond. We do keep in touch with the jail and the family members during the release process to make sure the defendant get released in a timely manner.

Normally you need to pay the standard rate of 10% to a bail agent for the release of the person who is in custody. Access Bail Bonds offers a legal rate of 8%, this is a 20% discount. The bail rate is regulated by the Department of Insurance and is mandatory. We understand that sometimes the bail amount can be high and money may not be readily available. We offer payment plans at interest free rates. We will ask you a few personal questions to determine if you qualify for a payment plan and advise you within minutes if you qualify. We will set up monthly payments that you can afford. We will never set up a payment plan that you can’t afford, we want this process to be as simple as people. There are several way you can make your monthly payments, you can call in with your credit card or debit card, send a payment by mail, or you can just bring cash into our office. Many customers set up an automatic payment debit that is taken out every month automatically, this way you don’t have to worry about the payment. This is not a requirement, just an easier way to make the payment.

Bail is regulated by the Department of Insurance and the State of California. The standard rate for bail is 10%, Access Bail Bonds legally can offer a rate of 8%, that’s a 20% discount. There are certain conditions that apply to qualify for the discount, some of the conditions are below:

•    Union Member
•    Homeowner
•    Senior Citizen
•    Retain Private Counsel
•    Military

Also know that Access Bail Bonds are good for 2 years, while most other bail bonds companies bail bonds are only good for 1 year. What this means is, with other companies when you have been out on bail and fighting your case and it’s been a year since you paid the bond, you will be required to post another bail bond fee for the same amount as you paid the first time. With Access Bail Bonds our bonds are good for 2 years, with no additional bail bond fee due.

Access Bail Bonds provides bail bond service to all jails and courts in California. We have field agents throughout California that can get the bond posted immediately once the bond has been approved, even if the arrestee is in another county.

San Bernardino Police Department
San Bernardino Police Department
710 North D. Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

San Bernardino Inmate Locator
San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

San Bernardino Superior Court
San Bernardino Superior Court
351 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92415
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

Felony Bail Schedule

San Bernardino is a city located in the Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area called the Inland Empire. The Inland Empire is located 65 miles east of Los Angeles and and a population of 209,924 and is the 99th largest city in the United States. The California State University, San Bernardino is located in the northeastern part of the city. Other attractions include the Fox Performing Arts Center, the McDonald’s Museum, the California Theatre, the San Bernardino Mountains and The San Manuel Amphitheater, the largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States. San Bernardino is also home to the Inland Empire 66ers of San Bernardino baseball team.

•    The Performing Arts in downtown San Bernardino hosts many events, including concerts by the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, Broadway theater productions presented by Theatrical Arts International.
•    Glen Helen Pavilion is the largest amphitheater in the United States.
•    The National Orange Show Events Center
•    Coussoulis Arena in the University District is the largest venue is in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.
•    Sturges Center for the fine Arts
•    Roosevelt Bowl at Perris Hill
•    The historic 1929 fox Theater of San Bernardino, located downtown and owned by American Sports University.
•    The Lyric Symphony Orchestra in nearby Loma Linda, California.