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Has someone you know been arrested in Highland? Call Access Bail Bonds immediately to help you in this stress full situation and let the professional’s help you get your loved one released from custody as quickly as possible. Access Bail Bonds has licensed agents that have been in the industry for many years, we are experienced, honest and can assist you from the moment you call for help.

It’s important that you choose a professional bail agent with experience that can guide you through the bail process. We will explain the whole San Bernardino bail system and make sure you clearly understand the responsibility of bailing someone out of jail before you sign any paperwork. One of the more popular services that we offer is bail by fax or e-mail. This process is our fastest way to bail your loved one out of custody. We will arrange the bail by phone, once you paid the premium with a credit card or debit card over the phone, we can post the bond immediately. During the release process, we can finish up any paperwork that needs to be signed and faxed back to our office. If you prefer, we can meet you in person right at the jail or you can come to our office. We offer an emergency bail service that can come to you as well if necessary, at no additional charge.

Access Bail Bonds is a 24 hour emergency bail bond service, we never close. We will come to you at no additional charge for your convenience.

There are many felonies and misdemeanors that would require a bail bond, listed below are some of the crimes that require bail.

•    DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
•    Domestic Violence
•    Possession
•    Marijuana for sale and possession
•    Burglary
•    Writing Bad Checks
•    Child Endangerment
•    Most Felonies
•    Most serious Misdemeanors

In some cases, some of the misdemeanors are not that serious and when arrested, there are many times you will get cite released with a promise to appear. If you fail to appear, there will be a warrant for your arrest.

Bail amounts are set by the Superior Court Judges. Once a year the judges from each county decide on how much to set the amount of bail according to the crime. Each bail amount is different for every county. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail amount will be.

When someone gets arrested in Highland, they will be taken to the Central Detention Center, located in San Bernardino. This is a county facility and many arrestee’s are housed here for long periods of time. It takes about two to three hours for the person arrested to get booked in completely. Once the bail amount is set, according to the crime, we can than arrange bail. During the booking process, we can have you sign all the necessary paperwork and be ready to go when the bail information is ready. This way there is no time wasted, and we can post the bail immediately. Once we have posted the bail bond, it can take 4 to 6 hours for the release. The release is completely out of our hands, once we post the bond It’s up to the jail to process the bond for the release of the arrestee. However, we do keep in touch with the jail and the signers during the whole release process to make sure the defendant gets released in a timely manner.

Highland Police Department
Highland Police Department
26985 East Baseline, Highland, CA 92346

Highland Sheriff’s Department
Highland Sheriff’s Department
26985 East Baseline, Highland, CA 92346

Highland Inmate Locater
San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

San Bernardino Superior Court
San Bernardino Superior Court
351 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92415
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

Felony Bail Schedule

Highland is located in the city of San Bernardino County, California. Its population is approximately 53,104 reported in 2010.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is contracted through County and provides police services to the city of Highland. For address, phone number and website, please see listing above. We also have listed the Inmate locator, so you can find out where your loved one is being held. The new police station was recently built and occupied in June, 2011 and has a square footage of 30,000.

For all your bail needs and information, call Toll Free 1-951-789-4001, anytime, any day, we are here to help you. We appreciate you using Access Bail Bonds the most professional company in the Inland Empire.