1.    You can apply through the Department of Insurance yourself and apply for jobs once you have obtained your license.
2.    If you are hired by a Bail Bond’s Company, they will pay for your license through their company.

California has may rules and regulations in obtaining your bail bond license. Every state has different rules and regulations, so check each state you are planning in obtaining your license. Below are a list of rules and regulations pertaining to California when applying for your Bail Bond License. Once you have completed the pre-licensing training requirements, you will be required to submit all the proper paperwork and application, along with a $468 fee to the Department of Insurance. The DOI will review license application and do a back ground check. If you have been involved in law suits or even had misdemeanors on your record, be prepared to provide full documentation and explanation. Once the DOI receives your application and fee, you will be given a test date. You’ll pay $48 for the privilege of taking the exam. There are 50 questions and two hours to take the exam and you need to receive a score of 70% to pass, so it is important to study all of the material from the pre-licensing class. Exam questions come from all of California Insurance Code Sections 35, 1733, 1800-1822; California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Sections 2053-2104; and, California Penal Code Sections 1268-1319.6; and other sections referred to in these sections. if you fail, you can always take it again until you pass – paying the fee each time, of course.

California’s Rules for a Bail Bond’s Application:
•    You must be 18 years of age or older and must have valid identification.
•    You must not have any felony convictions on your record. The Department of Insurance will do a thorough background and will not issue a bail license if you have felonies.
•    Most states will require you to be a resident of the State for at least 2 years.
•    Pre licensing: There is a 20 hour classroom study program that you must attend in subjects such as responsibility of a bail license, law and regulations related to title 10,rights of the accused, and ethics.
•    You must pass the bail examine in order to obtain your license.

•    First time Applicants – (this is a two year term) $468.00 per surety company. This fee does not include examination fee.
•    Examination Finger Print:

​Once you have obtained a license, you are qualified to work for a Bail Bonds Company in California. You must obtain a license for each state you wish to work in. Once you are out there, try and remember what you have learned, especially in ethics. It is important to be honest and up front. Don’t hide any fees your company may require and make sure your indemnitors are informed of what they are signing.

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