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Access Bail Bonds is a 24 Hour Emergency Bail Bond Service. We understand the need to be available 24 hours and day 7 days a week, weekends and holidays. One of our licensed agents will answer the phone and will be able to answer all your questions and walk you through the whole process. We understand that this is an uncomfortable time and you don’t know what to do. Most of our customers have never been in this situation before. We are here to help you though this scary time.

We offer many ways to bail your loved one out even if he or she is in a different county. Access Bail Bonds have agents throughout California and can get a bond posted within minutes. We can arrange and approve a bail bond right over the phone within minutes.

We offer bail by fax, e-mail or you can come to one of our local offices. Fax or e-mail is one our most popular ways to get a bail bond posted, for this reason you don’t have to leave your home or office.

We offer a 20% discount (conditions apply) and an affordable payment plan that fits your needs. We will come to you at no additional charge and our payment plans are interest free.

Cathedral City in located in the County of Riverside, California. It is located between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage and is one of the cities in Coachella Valley. Cathedral City is one of the largest in population in the Coachella Valley, second to Indio.

ABOUT CATHEDRAL CITY: Cathedral City has a population of 51,200, census estimates that Cathedral city’s Latino percentage is at over 60%. Most of the Latinos that live in the city’s older, central section of the area along Ramon Road between Cathedral Canyon Drive and Landau Blvd.

BAIL BONDS IN CATHEDRAL CITY: When a person is arrested, they are either taken to Indio County Jail or Banning County Jail. Once the person in taken in to custody for booking, finger printing, photo taken and ran for out of county and state warrants, a bail amount is set. If warrants from out of county or state warrants come up, there will be an additional bail amount set for each warrant. The warrant already will have an amount set, that amount is ordered by the judge in that particular county. Then the defendant will be placed in a holding cell and will be able to make phone calls. Many times the defendant will call family member or a friend and have them contact a licensed bail agent to make arrangements for bail.

WHAT THING DO I NEED TO BAIL SOMEONE OUT OF JAIL: There are a few things a consigner must have when bailing someone out of jail.
•    Driver’s License
•    Proof of Employment
•    Proof of Residence

THE BAIL BOND PROCESS: Once the family member contacts a licensed bail agent, they make arrangements for the bond process. The bail agent will ask several questions to determine if the cosigner is eligible for a signature bond. Also the bail premium will be discussed. Access Bail Bonds offer a 20% discount, conditions apply. Access Bail Bonds will also discuss a payment plan if needed. All this pre qualifications will be done before meeting. We at Access Bail Bonds do not want any surprises. Most every detail will be pre negotiated. We will determine if this can be done by fax or e-mail. This is our fastest process. If fax or e-mail is the process, we will then take a credit card for bail premium. We will fax over the paper or e-mail, the cosigner will fax or e-mail back and then we can get the bond posted immediately. This is a very fast and convenient way of posting bail. The great thing about posting bail by fax or e-mail is, you never have to leave your home or office.

CATHEDRAL CITY BAIL BONDS INTREST FREE BAIL BONDS: Access Bail Bonds offers interest fee financing and affordable payment plans. Our payment plans are arranged so that it is affordable for the client’s needs. Our payments are paid over time, usually on monthly bases and we offer several ways payments can be made. Our most popular plan is our monthly payment plan, this can be done with a credit card or debit card, and is usually automatically debited every month. We also accept checks, money order, postal money order and cash. Both the cosigner and the defendant are responsible for this payment every month. We also offer a 20% discount on our bail bonds (conditions apply). We often require 4% down, with 4% balance that can be paid over time on monthly payments. Please call Access Bail Bonds for details, Toll Free No. 1-951-789-4001.

Cathedral City Police Department
Cathedral Police Department
68700 Ave Lalo Guerro, Cathedral City, CA 92334

Riverside County Sheriff Department
46057 Oasis Street, Indio, CA 92201

Cathedral City Inmate Locater
46057 Oasis Street, Indio, CA 92201

Larson Justice Center Superior Court
Indio Superior Court
46-200 Oasis Street, Indio, CA 92201

Felony Bail Schedule

HISTORY OF CATHEDRAL CITY: Cathedral City is a city in the Riverside County, California. It is sandwiched between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, and is one of the biggest cities in Coachella Valley of California. Cathedral City is the second largest in population in Coachella Valley, second to Indio. The City started its first housing subdivision in 1925, and incorporated in 1981.