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Access Bail Bonds is committed to being the number one in customer service. Your satisfaction, and our honesty is our number one priority in the bail bond process. We offer the fastest bail services available, we will come to you with our mobile 24 hour emergency bail service. All of our agents are licensed and we provide Free Bail Inmate Information. All you need to give us is the name of the person who has been arrested and where you think they might have been arrested. We will do the rest, we are here to help you through this stress full time.

When you call Access Bail Bonds one of our licensed agents will walk you through the whole bail process and make sure you fully understand everything before you sign any documents. We offer affordable payment plans and a 20% discount (conditions apply), please call Access Bail Bonds for details To Free 1-951-789-4001.

WHAT IS A BAIL BOND: When someone is arrested in Colton, they are taken to the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino. The bail will be set according to the crime and depending on your priors. You have the right to pay the entire bail in cash at the jail, many people do not have that kind of money available, so they contact a bail bond company. The bail bond company will charge a standard rate (see rates below) this is called bail premium. Bail premium is nonrefundable once the defendant walks out of the jail. Our bonds are good for 2 years, while most other bail bond companies are only good for 1 year.

RATES: Access Bail Bonds offers 8% bail, this is a legal rate and there are only a few bail bond companies that can legally offer this rate. Most other bail bond company rates are 10% by law. Our 8% rate is legal, this is a 20% discount (conditions apply) and our bonds are good for two years. See below for some of the qualifying conditions:

•    Homeowner
•    Military
•    Union Member
•    Retain Private Attorney

WHAT IS THE 8% BAIL PREMIUM I MUST PAY: The bail bond premium is payment for the bail bond company posting the full amount of the bond. For example, if the bond is $10,000.00, you would pay 8% and the amount would be $800.00. This is a flat rate, and no other fees should be applied. If you decide to pay the entire amount of the bond instead of using a bail bond company, you would have to post $10,000.00 in cash to the jail for the release of your loved one.

DO I NEED COLLATERAL: Most of our customers qualify for our signature bonds, which means no collateral is required. We will ask you a couple of questions over the phone to see if you qualify for our signature bonds. The only time we find our customers must put up collateral is if the bond is extremely high or the bond is a high risk. Every case if a different situation, so call to day and let one of our agents help you through this stress full time.

WHAT ARE THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COSIGNER: The cosigner must be responsible to make sure the defendant makes every court appearance the he or she is ordered to do so. If the defendant fails to appear in court, it is the responsibility that the cosigner brings the defendant into our office immediately. We will be able to reinstate the bail with good cause and get the warrant recalled. We understand that the sometimes things happen that are out of our control, we are here to help.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE WARRANTS: Access Bail Bonds can run you name to see if you have any outstanding warrants. Once we complete the process and find that are warrants, we will be able to arrange a bond and get the warrant recalled. We can actually post the bond right at the court, get the warrant recalled, and give you a new court date. This procedure will prevent you from getting arrested and you will not have to turn yourself in to the jail.

HOW LONG IS THE PAPERWORK: It takes about 20 minutes to process all the paperwork. As soon as the paperwork is done and faxed back to us, we can have the bond posted immediately. We also can accept the bail premium over the phone with a major credit card or debit card. We have field agents all over California, so even if your loved one, family member or friend is custody in another county, we will get the bond posted immediately. Once the bond is posted the release process starts. Every jail has different release times. It can be anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. This is dependent on when the jail can process the bond. We keep in touch with the jail and the cosigners during the release process to make sure the person in custody gets released in a timely manner. Again, this is dependent on the jail.

Colton Police Department
Colton Police Department
650 North La Cadena Drive, Colton, CA 92324

Grand Terrace Sheriff’s Department
Grand Terrace Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

Colton Inmate Locater
San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department
655 East Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92415

San Bernardino Superior Court
San Bernardino Superior Court
351 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92415
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm

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Colton is a city in San Bernardino County, California. The city is located in the Inland Empire Region of California and is 57 miles east of Los Angeles. The population is about 52,154.

The state legislature in Colton is located in the 31st and 32nd Senate Districts, and in the 62nd Assembly District. Colton is located in California’s 41st and 43rd congressional districts.

Colton is the site of Colton Crossing and is one of the busiest railroad crossings. The crossing is currently being replaced and the west Union Pacific tracks over the north. The original was originally installed in 1882 by the Southern California Railroad.

Colton was founded in1875 and incorporated in 1887 by the Serrano, Guachama, and San Gorgonio Indians. In 1840, Colton was part of two private ranchos, Jurupa and the San Bernardino Rancho. Colton was known as the gental waters, and had been settled by the New Mexico pioneers in 1842.