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When you get arrested in San Jacinto, you will be taken to the Southwest Detention Center, we can help with your bail bonds. Most of our customers don’t know what to do and are concerned with many things: privacy and how fast there family member or friend can get released from custody. Let the experts help, our licensed agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions.

PRIVACY IN BAIL BONDS: Your privacy is completely confidential by law. We respect your privacy and never give any information to anyone regarding our bail bond. The biggest concern that many people have is their employer will find out that they have been arrested. Unless you tell them or one of your family members tell them, there is no way anyone will ever know you have been arrested.

EMERGENCY BAIL SERVICE: Posting a never a problem with Access Bail Bonds, we have field agents throughout California that can have the bond posted immediately as soon as the bond has been approved. We provide bail service 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, including all holidays. We will come to you at no additional charge.

Many of our customers prefer bail by fax or e-mail. This is the quickest way to speed up the process and you don’t have to leave your home or office. Once the paperwork is faxed back or e-mailed back to us, we can have the bond posted immediately. You can also come to our office and meet us in person.

RATES: The standard bail bond rate is 10% of the set bail amount. So for example, if the bail amount was set at $5,000.00, you would pay the bail bond company $500.00 for the bail premium. The bail bond company puts up the whole $5,000.00 to the jail.

Access Bail Bonds offers a discounted rate at 8%, that’s is a 20% discount. This is a legal rate and there are only a few bail bond companies that can offer the discount legally. The bail bonds rates are regulated by the State of California and the Department of Insurance. Here are some of the ways to qualify for the rate:
•    Union Member
•    Home owner
•    Military
•    Retain private attorney

DO I NEED COLLATERAL? Most of the time we can provide signature bonds, which is not collateral. Collateral is something of value that secures a bail bond. The only time we find we need collateral is if the bond is extremely high or it a high risk bond. We will need to as you some questions over the phone to determine if you qualify for a signature bond. There are several things we take into consideration:
•    Employment
•    How Long you lived in your Home
•    How long you lived in your Community

Access Bail Bonds is the number one recommended Bail Bond Company in California. Most of our customers are referred by attorneys or previous clients who know someone who has been arrested. We make the process so simple and we understand the situation you are in. Most of our clients have never used a bail bondsman and don’t know how to start the process.

Access Bail Bond can locate your loved one anywhere in California, it doesn’t matter what time it is, even weekends and holidays. We will call the jail and get all the bail information for you including, where he or she is in custody, charges and the bail amount. Once we have established the information, we can arrange bail and get your family member or friend released from custody.

Call Access Bail Bonds for all your bail needs at 1-951-789-4001, a licensed agent will be waiting to answer all your questions and walk you through the whole process.

San Jacinto Police Department
San Jacinto Police Department
160 West Sixth Street, San Jacinto, CA 92583

San Jacinto Sheriff’s Department
Hemet Sheriff’s Department
43950 Acacia Ace, Suite B, Hemet, CA 92544

San Jacinto Inmate Locator
Southwest Detention Center
30755 Auld Road, Murrieta, CA 92563

Southwest Justice Center Superior Court
Southwest Justice Center Superior Court
30755 Auld Road, Murrieta, CA 92563

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