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If someone you know has been arrested by the Yucca Sheriff Department, he or she will be taken to the Morongo County Jail, located in Joshua Tree. You have several bail options, call Access Bail Bonds to discuss your options, we will walk you through the process and make sure your understanding is complete before you sign any paperwork.

You may find that contacting the person in jail may be difficult, it can take several hours for the arrestee for get booked in, and the jail system may make it difficult for you to acquire any information. Call Access Bail Bonds, we know how the bail system in San Bernardino County, we have been helping family get their loved ones out of custody for years.

When you call Access Bail Bonds, all we need is the arrestee’s name, date of birth, and where you think they may have been arrested. Sometimes the arrestee will call collect and give you a booking number, this information will be helpful. Once you call our office and give us this information, we will do the rest, we know exactly where to call and get the information we need to get the bond posted. Once the defendant is processed in, we can find out how much the bail is set at, charges, and court date, once we find out this information, we can post the bond immediately.

Bail can be posted 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.

Access Bail Bonds is a 24 hour emergency bail service, even at 3:00am in the morning, we will get the bond posted. We have agents all over California, so if your loved one is in custody in another county or city, we have it covered. Once the bond is approved, we can have the bond posted. We service all jails and courts and we will go to court at no additional charge if needed.

We have the ability to bail by fax or e mail, and all paperwork can be done in 20 minutes. If you prefer to meet us personally, you can come to our office or meet us directly at the jail.


•    DUI Bail Bonds
•    Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
•    Possession Bail Bonds
•    Marijuana Bail Bonds
•    Petty Theft Bail Bonds
•    Spousal Bail Bonds
•    Terrorist Threats Bail Bonds
•    Burglary Bail Bonds
•    Theft Bail Bonds
•    Drug Bail Bonds
•    Felony Bail Bonds
•    Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

We offer affordable payment plans interest free. We will set you up on a monthly payment plan according to your budget. We will never expect you to pay a monthly payment you can not afford. There are several ways to make your payment, see below:

•    All Major Credit Cards
•    Debit Cards
•    All Forms of Money Orders
•    Personal Checks
•    Company Checks
•    Cash

Whatever your option may be, you can call over the phone and pay, come to the office, or just mail in your payment. If you prefer we can also set up a recurring auto payment every month so you don’t have to worry about your making your payment every month.

We offer a 20% discount to all Military, Homeowners, Senior Citizens, Union Members, and if you Retain a Private Attorney. Call Access Bail Bonds today for more information and see if you qualify for our discount, toll free 1-951-789-4001.

Yucca Valley Police Department
Yucca Valley Police Department
6527 White Feather Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92552

Yucca Valley Sheriff’s Department
Yucca Valley Sheriff’s Department
6527 White Feather Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Yucca Inmate Locator
Joshua Tree Jail
6527 White Feather Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Joshua Tree Superior Court
Joshua Tree District
6527 White Feather Road, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
8:00am – 4:00pm

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