In the state of California, Superior Court Judges from each county are responsible for setting bail amounts and for creating what is commonly known as a “Bail Schedule” which is reviewed on an annual basis.  Once a year the get together for a meeting and decide what bail amount will go up and what bail amount will stay the same. These amounts are good for one year. The way they decide on the bail amount is, the type of crime the defendant has allegedly committed and that amount will dictate the amount of bail which is set for them, also if they are repeat offenders. The more serious the crime will of course pose a higher bail amount or weather the defendant will be receiving jail time, will generally equate to a higher bail amount set.  Also there are the bail amounts that will result in higher bail do to the flight risk of the defendant.  For example, is the defendant from this country? Or does the defendant have family here? The Superior Court Judge will always consider first is public safety; while the defendant’s “flight risk will also be considered. The Judge always wants to make sure the defendant shows up for their scheduled court dates. Every county is different, some bail schedules are higher than others. I have listed below the counties list of bail bond schedules for felony and misdemeanor regarding bail bonds. Some counties also list bonds for Traffic, Game & Fish, Parks & Recreation and Public Utilities.

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interest. A California county bail schedule refers to the list that sets the amount of bail a defendant is required to

pay through cash bail or bail bond company. The amount is based on the nature of the offense a person

is charged with and how serious the crime. A judge has the discretion to reduce the amount at the time of

the first schedule court date. The county superior courts usually maintain bail schedules and each county

may have its own rules for local bail schedules. This site is not sponsored by any governmental agency or any state or local court. This is simply a page to help find the bail bond cost for the county you or a loved one may have been detained.
Felony Bail Schedules for All California Counties:

Riverside County Bail Schedule

San Bernardino County Bail Schedule

Orange County Felony Bail Schedule

Los Angeles County Felony Bail Schedule

Kern County Felony Bail Schedule

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