​A Judge does not always have to grant bail in the case of Murder.  Does he have to grant bail? Is it the law?  Who has the descrection of bail?

It is the decristion of the Superior Court Judge to decide each cases by case weather bail should be granted.  In many cases the bail is set so high for murder in California, that it is impossible for the defendant to bail out.  When people call Access Bail Bonds for bail, regarding murder it is a very serious crime.  Access Bail Bonds already know that the bail will be very high and the case may be high risk.  Access Bail Bonds will elvaluate every case differently, based on priors, citizen of the state, does the defendant have family and long standing in the State of California.

There are many penal code sections that a judge will not allow for bail.  Each penal code violation is treated differently, for example.  Has the defendant ever tried to escape from jail or prision or how many times has the defendant been arrested and what were the charges?  In California the bail is set no lower than $1 million dollars and the rate will go up from there.

There are other criminal offenses that involve taking a person’s life, listed below is an overview of each”
⦁    Gross Vehicular Homicide – which is usually a DUI with gross negligence – is a felony that has an assumptive bail of $50,000. It is penal code violation 191.5
⦁    Voluntary manslaughter is a felony and a violation of penal code 192a. The assumptive bail is $60,000.
⦁    Involuntary manslaughter is a violation of penal code 192b and has an assumptive bail of $25,000.
⦁    Manslaughter caused by driving a vehicle with gross negligence (but not a DUI) is a violation of penal code 192c1 and has an assumptive bail of $50,000.
⦁    Vehicular homicide – which is a DUI without gross negligence – has an assumptive bail of $50,000 and is a violation of penal code 192c3.
⦁    Manslaughter with a vessel is violation of penal code 1922.5 and can be either a felony or a misdemeanor.  Assumptive bail is $50,000.
In many cases where a lifte is taken either by voluntarily or involuntarily, the judge will grant a bail. However, when it comes to murder, the judge will either deny bail or set it at a very high level.

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