How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest? Many people do not know how to find out if there has been a warrant issued for their arrest. There are several ways individuals get warrants issued. Many times the individuals do not even know they have a warrant for their arrest. Many people move out of state and don’t realize there has been a warrant issued due to not taking care of tickets, not appearing in court and just simply forgetting that they ever had a ticket. Some tickets happen year’s earlier in life and a person gets older and just forgets to take care of the ticket or even know they had a ticket. In many situations, people think they have taken care of the tickets, when in fact there may be a minor detail that wasn’t taken care of and that’s why it turns to warrant status. In some situations, people sometimes apply for jobs not knowing they have a warrant and fail to get that job because of the warrant.  Also many times when going to the airport and checking in may trigger the warrant and they will arrest you right there. There are several way to find out if you have a warrant for your arrest. Listed below are ways to find out and ways to get them taken care of, and also ways to get the warrant recalled.

Finding out how to check for warrants:
1. You can call the Access Bail Bonds office and they will be able to run your name and find out whether you have a warrant.
2. You can call the court clerk and have her run your name, she will also be able to tell you whether you have a warrant for your arrest.
3. You can call the district attorney’s office, they will also be able to tell you if you have a warrant.
4. You can run your name online with one of the services and they will check to see if you have a warrant.

When calling any of these offices, you must provide your name and date of birth. Also you have to call each county, each county can only advise you if you have a warrant in their county only. For example, San Bernardino County will not be able to tell you if you have a warrant in Riverside County. If you do in fact have a warrant, there are several way to take care of the situation and have the warrant recalled.

1. Go through Access Bail Bonds, they can post a bond directly with the court for the amount of the warrant. Once the bond is posted, the warrant gets recalled and a new court date is set. You must appear at that court date to handle the ticket or the court will issue another warrant.
2. You can appear at the court directly and have your name put on calendar the morning of. Once you place yourself on calendar, the warrant gets recalled and you must see the judge that morning.

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